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HomediningIf pasta types were personalities, are you spaghetti or fusilli? Chef Drew...

If pasta types were personalities, are you spaghetti or fusilli? Chef Drew Nocente decodes it for us

The world of pasta is a lesson in diversity. Straight, curly, long, short, green, black, and even a few named after body parts – it’s a celebration of different looks, textures and abilities. The only difference between pasta and real life personalities is that we’ve never met a pasta we didn’t like.

Chef Drew Nocente, who was born and raised in Australia but gained a love for cooking from his Italian father, appreciates pasta so much that he isn’t content just to make it at his Italian restaurant, Cenzo.

This is the pasta that Drew identifies with – if he were a pasta, he’d be fusilli. “Twisted! Like, the fun guy, the one who will always do something stupid to make everyone laugh kind of fun, not the psycho kind. Harley Quinn kind of style. I’m a little bit crazy but a little bit normal at the same time.”


“Spaghetti, to me – boring. Straight, follow-the-line, predictable, done. For sure reliable, just not the most exciting person in the crowd. Accountants!”


“Quirky. Not boring, like spaghetti. He takes his job seriously, but he’s a little bit fun. He likes to get dressed up – because of the frills! He puts his suit on, goes out and has a good time.”

Chicco Pasta Bar is at 208 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068642. 

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