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HomediningMaggi mee specialist eatery serves S$159.90 XXL sharing platters

Maggi mee specialist eatery serves S$159.90 XXL sharing platters

Instant noodles may be the everyman’s favourite cheap comfort meal, but at Magg by Royz Et Vous, it’s transformed into a fancy restaurant-worthy dish.

The new halal-certified restaurant opened on Sep 18 at Sultan Gate with a Maggi mee-inspired menu, boasting a varied array of noodle dishes like seafood jumbo platters and rabokki (Korean ramen and tteokbokki). 


The menu has 17 main courses – 16 instant noodle dishes and one Kimchi Fried Rice (S$12.90). The noodles range from S$12.90 for Green Curry Chicken noodles to a whopping S$159.90 for XXL sharing platters. 

While Magg’s offerings seem pricey considering they’re made primarily with, well, Maggi mee, their dishes are loaded with generous portions of meat and seafood.  

Widyanty says the restaurant uses Maggi brand instant noodles in four flavours: Curry, tom yum, chicken and assam laksa. The creamy, dry or soupy noodles come in all sorts of cooking styles, from Korean-inspired dishes like Rabokki (S$26.90) and Kimchi Beef Ribs (S$19.90) to local ones like Assam Pedas Snapper & Prawns (S$17.90).


If you’re coming with the fam and want to splurge, you can consider the Seafood Jumbo Platter (S$159.90) or Meat & Chicken Jumbo Platter (S$159.90) that feeds four to six people.

Meanwhile, the meat and chicken jumbo platter consists of instant noodles in a curry broth or chicken soup, loaded with boneless chicken thigh, smoked duck, beef striploin, beef ribs and lamb chops.

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