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HomediningOne Holland Village: A guide to pet-friendly eateries and new dining concepts

One Holland Village: A guide to pet-friendly eateries and new dining concepts

So this isn’t the first “pet-friendly” place you’ve heard of. It means that your pet can hang out there as long as they never go indoors, right?

The reception to One Holland Village, Singapore’s newest pet-friendly shopping destination, suggests that its predecessors have fallen short of expectations. Many have been deemed little more than open-air spaces with the token “pet-friendly” label, leaving owners wanting and their pets consumed with separation anxiety. 

But this is where the new mall, located five minutes from Holland Village MRT station, distinguishes itself. We’re not just talking about the courtyards, water fountains, and elevators dedicated to pets. Or the poop bag dispensers and “pet parking’ stations with leash hooks. We’re talking about over 20 eateries and stores pets can actually enter.

Pet-friendly stores are denoted by pet-friendly labels at their entrances, of which there are three types: Pets Welcome, Pets Welcome (Outdoor Seating) and Pets Welcome (Carrier Only).

Pets are allowed in the outdoor seating area, #01-03/04/05.

4. Ginkyo by Kinki

Fans of Kinki Restaurant + Bar at Customs House would be familiar with the establishment’s bold take on Japanese culinary traditions. In conceiving Ginkyo by Kinki at One Holland Village, the team has stayed faithful to this philosophy.

Ginkyo, named after a festival celebrated by local and international tourists alike, showcases a suitably cosmopolitan menu. Classics like Unagi Don and Okonimya take on new life in traditional clay pots and Swiss rostis, while fresh fish sourced directly from Tokyo’s Toyosu Market is expertly crafted Carpaccio-style. Keep a watchful eye on the nekos, though, as they might be tempted to sneak a bite.


If you’ve always wanted to get a manicure done with your Chihuahua on your lap, a la every chick flick from the Nineties, Nail Treatz will help you check that off your “cheap thrills” list. The salon prides itself on using non-toxic clean beauty products, so you know you’re getting a guilt-free glow-up.

In the name of self-care, you might even visit Artworks Gallery together, or take a cue from Miley Cyrus’ new hit and buy yourself flowers at Knots Flower Bar. 

Taking that well-deserved mental health day off? Sphere, an alternative wellness centre known for its infrared sauna and cold plunge treatments, is set to launch in early 2024 and will apparently welcome pets.

Now, we hardly think pet owners will take it personally if they can’t be accompanied by their furry friends when running errands, but you’d be surprised by the establishments that are down to host them.

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