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Actor Desmond Tan and wife expecting first child and he’s already bought 'daddy’s girl' her first gift

In all the years we’d known Desmond Tan, we’d never encountered him so… Giggly. It had everything to do with the fact that the actor and his wife of two years are expecting their first child. The pregnancy is four months along and the baby is due in March next year.

“It’s so magical. It’s one of the best feelings anyone can have,” he gushed, when we congratulated him over the phone.

He was speaking about the moment his wife brought him the positive pregnancy test. “She held it out to show me. Through her eyes, I knew what the result was,” he recounted.

What kind of dad does he think he’ll be? He laughed: “I’m a commando officer and we are very disciplined. I work towards my dreams and am very on the ball, soldier-like. But when the kid comes along, I think I might soften… I hope I won’t pamper the little one too much.”

We can already sense that this hope is halfhearted and will most certainly prove futile.

Meanwhile, friends say that he’s become “more caring” towards his wife, he said. “I make sure she doesn’t carry anything heavy and has her meals on time. Every morning, I ask her, ‘What do you feel like eating today?’ And then we head out for Teochew porridge, mee rebus, mee siam… She has a wide variety of cravings. I even cooked for her, despite my busy schedule. One day, I spontaneously decided to cook a huge feast. I overestimated the portions and there was enough for lunch and dinner the next day.”

Besides eating for three, the couple are busy turning their spare room into a nursery, which will have a neutral colour theme to match their monochromatic house, Desmond shared.

Firstborns usually look like their fathers but, he said, with more giggles, “I hope she looks like my missus. She’s really pretty. I hope my little one has my wife’s eyes and face”.

His own face, meanwhile, is aching: “My jaws are really sore. I’ve spent this whole interview smiling so much.”

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