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Former actress and radio deejay Jamie Yeo shares she’s a breast cancer survivor

Jamie Yeo revealed in an Instagram post on Sunday (Oct 1) that she is a breast cancer survivor.

The 46-year-old former actress and radio deejay wrote in her post that she was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago after finding a lump during a self-examination.

“Long story short, I was extremely blessed that it was an early-stage, less aggressive tumour,” she said, adding that a lumpectomy, radiation therapy and an ongoing regimen of pills “was enough”.

Jamie began her post by saying that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and that she was finally ready to share and talk about being a breast cancer survivor.

She went on to describe her state of mind during the ordeal, where she went through “heart numbing and indescribable fear, with bouts of faith, resilience, hope, gratitude, and positivity”.

She also shared that receiving a “positive prognosis” after her surgery prompted feelings of guilt as friends, acquaintances and other patients she’d met were “not so lucky”.

“The only option was to live life fully, with gratitude, and a fierce motivation to change – to live cleaner, simpler, kinder, better,” she wrote, adding that this was the period where she and her family decided to move “to start afresh”.

Jamie moved to the UK in 2022 with husband Rupert and two children, Alysia and Luke.

She added in her post on Sunday that she was “grateful for the shock” as it made her realise what matters. She then advocates for raising awareness to increase the chances of early detection, which can help save lives – as it did in her case.

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