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K-drama star Jung Hae-in teases possibility of another DP season, concert and movie next year

South Korean actor Jung Hae-in recently teased the possibility of a third season of DP and a new project – and even serenaded fans with a song and gave away autographed paper planes in a nod to Snowdrop at his recent fan meeting event in Singapore.

The event was held on Sunday (Oct 29) at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre to celebrate the 35-year-old actor’s 10th year as an actor, having starred in several notable shows including Snowdrop, with Blackpink’s Jisoo; Something In The Rain with veteran actress Son Ye-jin; and two seasons of DP, where he plays the main protagonist.

“So DP is on its second season, and I don’t know yet when it’s going to be, but hopefully we’ll have season 3 soon,” said Jung, who plays private Ahn Jun-ho, in the show revolving around Korean military police. He added that also hopes to see his character get promoted to the status of corporal.


Jung also shared fond memories of his past K-dramas with his fans. His baseball scene with Kim Go-eun in Guardian: The Lonely And Great God – involving him catching the ball with one hand, unfazed – is a fan favourite. But he admitted that particular scene was rather awkward for him. “No one in the world can catch the ball while standing still like that,” he joked.

On a more serious note, Jung also shared how he felt every time he finishes a project. Following the final heartbreaking scene in Snowdrop, Jung told his fans he was still tearing up as he left the set for the last time.

Elsewhere, he touched upon other moments throughout his career, including 2017’s While You Were Sleeping, where he caught the attention of K-drama enthusiasts – not least for this perfectly crafted eyebrows and his abs in one scene.

“For this scene, I remember not drinking water for 2 days prior to the filming. Once the scene was over, I drank a lot of water to quench my thirst and hydrate myself,” he recalled.

Jung said he’s a big believer in a good diet, and claimed that while working out was important, he pays more attention to what he consumes. This includes alcohol as well, the whiskey lover reveals: “I like drinking, but I don’t drink too often because it can cause ageing”.


As for the rest of the fan service, Jung was as thoughtful as one gets. Fans who wrote him letters were brought to the stage and rewarded with some comforting hugs.

Jung also threw autographed paper planes and rolls of bandage from the stage to his fans – both of which were a nod to his K-drama Snowdrop, making the gift all the more meaningful.

Many fans were also invited onstage, by way of a lucky draw, to receive special gifts from the actor. One fanboy, named Aeyli, even got the chance to play the Korean game of ddakji with Jung. “To be honest with you, up close, he looks so young that he doesn’t look like his real age,” he told us. “Being so close to him was an experience I never imagined would happen, and it’s nothing like what I’ve ever felt before.”

And the feeling was mutual. “You guys are so loud…it makes this fan meet feel so intimate. Thank you so much,” Jung told the audience.

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