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Wonderland, starring Mark Lee and Peter Yu, to premiere at San Diego Asian Film Festival in November

Singaporean comedian Mark Lee continues to flex his dramatic acting chops – this time playing a single father who sends his daughter to study overseas in the new movie Wonderland.

Directed by Chai Yee Wei, whose previous works include That Girl In Pinafore and Mr Midnight: Beware The Monsters, Wonderland tells the story of Loke (Mark Lee) and his relationships with his daughter Eileen (Xenia Tan) and his new neighbour Tan (Peter Yu).

Wonderland will have its world premiere on Nov 8 at the 24th San Diego Asian Film Festival as part of the event’s Asia Pop! section. Other films that are part of Asia Pop! include South Korea’s Cobweb (starring Parasite’s Song Kang-ho) and Malaysia’s Abang Adik.

According to Mocha Chai Laboratories, which co-produced Wonderland with mm2 Entertainment, the movie tells the story of a “single father who works hard to ensure that his only daughter gets the best education”.

Loke lies to Eileen, telling her that he can afford her overseas education, and convinces her to go to New York City to further her studies. He then moves into a one-room flat to save as much money as possible.

Loke finds himself in the spotlight as his new senior neighbours try to befriend him. He meets Tan, the default “leader” of the makeshift social club The Senior Citizens’ Corner. Loke, who is illiterate, comes to rely on Tan to read and write letters to and from Eileen; Tan finds solace in helping his new friend because he yearns for the same relationship with his estranged daughter.

Tragedy strikes when Tan receives bad news about Eileen and, unable to tell Loke the devastating truth, fabricates a lie that becomes a full-blown deception.

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