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Seventeenth Heaven by boy group Seventeen is the most pre-ordered K-pop album in history

Boy group Seventeen’s new mini album is the most pre-ordered in K-pop history. The group’s distributor YG Plus, revealed that Seventeen’s 11th mini album Seventeenth Heaven racked up more than 5,206,718 saves, knocking off Stray Kids’ record of 5.13 million for their May offering 5-Star.

The band dropped the collection of new songs – SOS, Diamond Days, Back 2 Back, Monster, Yawn and Headliner – on Monday (Oct 23) along with the video for God Of Music.

Seventeen’s previous personal record was for 4.67 million pre-orders for their mini album FML released earlier this year. 

Recently, the group’s agency Pledis Entertainment revealed that frontman S Coup will not be involved in the promo for the project as he is still “vulnerable” after having anterior cruciate ligament and anterolateral ligament reconstruction surgery two months ago.

They said: “The affected area is still in a vulnerable state. Rehabilitation treatment is crucial at this stage, and he has received medical advice that it would be best to avoid any physically taxing activities for the time being.”

S Coup confirmed the news that he was taking “a break”.

He wrote on the community app Weverse: “I wanted to participate in activities as much as I could, but I’ll take a break to focus on rehabilitation so I can see you all in the long term.”

The band has proudly opened up about how important they find it to be one of the few K-pop groups involved with writing and producing the music.

Member Woozi told entertainment website Refinery29: “At the end of the day, regardless of what is going on, our music is what we sing and what we show our audience”, adding that they felt it was vital their material was “sincere” and showcase their “genuine nature” to their fans.

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