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Homestyle-beautyRemember Anteprima Wirebags? The brand is back with a pop-up at Takashimaya

Remember Anteprima Wirebags? The brand is back with a pop-up at Takashimaya

Mediacorp artiste Ye Jia Yun recently made headlines for walking her first runway show at Milan Fashion Week. The Star Search 2019 second runner-up made her runway debut with Milan-based brand Anteprima and wrote on Instagram that she was “immensely grateful for this opportunity”.

Curious about the Milan-based brand Jia Yun has become synonymous with? CNA Lifestyle caught with Anteprima’s creative director Izumi Ogino who has serendipitously planned a Wirebag pop-up that kicks off on Wednesday (Oct 4) right here in Singapore at Takashimaya.

“The focal point of the event is to re-introduce the unique, fun and intricate designs of our Wirebag,” enthused Ogino.

For the uninitiated, Wirebag is a distinctive design by Anteprima, characterised by the use of special wire codes interwoven by meticulous craftsmanship.

Ogino added that the brand had crafted many fascinating Wirebags over the years, “each with its own story”.

“One of the most interesting ones was the iconic Panda with intricate wirework that captured the essence of joy and fun”.  

Other collaborations include Hello Kitty and Disney, which produced memorable, not to mention, sought-after collectibles.

According to the creative director, the brand will launch “a special mini-square bag with LED light that you can use for day and night”, to commemorate Anteprima’s 30th anniversary. 

Both the brand and the creative director are not altogether new to Singapore. Fashionphiles may remember its ergonomic boutique at ION Orchard before the pandemic. Ogino herself also has many fond memories of the red dot.

“Singapore holds a special place in my heart. One of my fondest memories is exploring the beautiful Gardens by the Bay. The blend of nature and technology in that space is truly inspiring,” she recalled.

“A funny but memorable incident I never forgot was that I broke my leg playing golf with the then-CEO of Takashimaya. I got a pink cast on my leg and continued exploring Singapore. It was fun!”

Is the pop-up a one-off or is the brand considering to re-enter the Singapore market?

Ogino replied: “Anteprima is constantly exploring opportunities to expand our presence globally, and Singapore is undoubtedly a market of interest for us. While I can’t reveal specific details at this moment, I can assure you that we are carefully planning our re-entry into the Singapore market. We aim to create a memorable experience for our customers, blending our signature Wirebags with the vibrant culture of Singapore.”

On what to expect at the Wirebag pop-up, Ogino highlighted that visitors can expect to see a stunning display of fun and unique bags that blend traditional techniques with contemporary aesthetics.

“I encourage visitors to look out for our new collection that features unique patterns, colours and textures that showcase the versatility of Wirebags.”

The Anteprima Wirebag pop-up runs until March 2024 at Takashimaya level 3.


Mediacorp actress Ye Jia Yun just walked her first runway show at Milan Fashion Week
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