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Do you have sweaty feet? 5 tips to keep them clean and prevent them from smelling

Sweat, however embarrassing a topic it might be, is something that we all have to deal with – particularly in this heat we live in. We sweat in areas where there are sweat glands, and these glands are found all over the body, existing in larger numbers in certain zones.

No prizes for guessing where these are – the areas where you sweat most profusely include the forehead, palms, armpits and feet.

Did you know that of all the sweaty body parts, the soles of your feet have the most number of sweat glands? There are 250,000 to be exact. This is why they can easily smell offensive, after being trapped in covered shoes all day. Sufferers of hyperhidrosis, a medical condition in which one has overactive sweat glands, are prone to having sweaty feet.

But whether you sweat excessively or not, no one likes to have sticky or stinky feet, even more so when they are exposed in situations when there are plenty of people around who may get a whiff of them.

What can one do to keep feet fresh and odour-free? Here are a few easy ways to stay dry and fresh-smelling.


It’s tough to avoid sweating in closed-toe shoes, which trap heat and odours, particularly when worn in hot weather. Synthetic materials tend to be less breathable than natural hides like leather and suede, but there are also shoes made with the former that are designed to be better ventilated, such as sneakers and slip-ons with mesh tops.

Women have more footwear options in this respect – for example, sandals and open-toe shoe styles allow for better airflow, which translates to sweat-free feet.


Wash them properly, we mean, with antibacterial soap. Devote a few more seconds to thorough cleaning, which means soaping well between the toes as well as across the soles. We neglect our feet much more than we think – while pedicure-level daily care is not necessary, basic maintenance of foot hygiene is mandatory, especially if you have sweaty feet.


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