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Kiss dry and lined pouts goodbye: Your guide to the best lipsticks for soft, youthful-looking lips

Women have an arsenal of wrinkle-eradicating skincare and anti-ageing make-up to keep complexions young and supple, but all too often, we neglect the skin on our lips. The truth, of course, is that lips aren’t immune to the signs of ageing.

As time goes by, those once-plump puckers lose collagen and volume. Lips become thinner, fine lines get more pronounced, and the shape of the lips becomes less defined. Mature skin is also dryer since less oils are produced. But fret not, there are still myriad ways to rock a bright lip and revel in the power of a good lippie, regardless of age.


The good news is that lipstick formulas have become increasingly sophisticated – many are formulated with hydrating ingredients, so that colour is less prone to seeping into the fine lines on mature lips. Look for emollients such as shea butter and cocoa butter, and the aforementioned hyaluronic acid, so that your lipstick can act as skincare at the same time, locking in moisture and preventing dryness.


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While it makes sense to go for glossy and creamy nourishing formulas, as these offer more hydration and add a healthy sheen to your lips, as well as a plumping effect, it doesn’t mean that matte lippies should be banned from the make-up playbook of those who are more mature.

Not all matte lipsticks are drying and lead to that dreaded lip feathering effect, as some matte formulas contain moisturising ingredients. Good lip care and prep, such as a nourishing lip balm or a lip primer before slicking on a matte colour, can also make matte lipstick work for mature skin. 

A nice compromise between glossy and matte could be a satin lipstick, which has the matte-finish look, but has shiny and glossy properties and glides on more smoothly than a matte lipstick. 


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A luxe lippie with all the right ingredients: Plant-based waxes in the form of mimosa, jojoba and sunflower to provide hydration, nourishment and comfort, and a silicone wax for blurring away fine lines and for a smoother application. A little shine thanks to a new polymer film and silicone microbeads lends a healthy, plumping sheen. 

Available at Chanel Beauty boutiques and counters.

2. Hermes Rouge Hermes Satin Lipstick, S$116

A creamy satin-finish beauty with plumping hyaluronic acid spheres to help lips regain fullness and softness, and commiphora oil to hydrate the lip surface.

Available at Guerlain boutiques and counters.

4. Gucci Beauty Rouge a Levres Voile Sheer Lipstick, S$65

Comes in a sleek gold case that is refillable and promises a creamy yet saturated and long-wearing satin-finish formula that won’t feather or smudge, which is great news for mature lips. The ultra-slim bullet is built for precision application, especially on thinner lips.

Available at

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