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10 products to reduce your use of plastics

Last year, more than 1 million tonnes of plastic waste were generated in Singapore,  according to figures from the National Environment Agency. Just 6 per cent of this was recycled. Apart from accumulating in landfills and oceans, these plastics can break down into harmful microplastics that pollute the ecosystem and enter our food. 

Thankfully, small steps can help you green your kitchen without compromising convenience. A key part of this involves reducing disposable plastic products and replacing single-use plastic products with reusable alternatives. These everyday products can help you reduce your reliance on plastics. 

IKEA 365+ Food Container (Rectangular/glass) (S$4.00)

These 1,200ml collapsible containers are made from food-grade silicone and perfect for bringing home-made meals to the office. Their airtight lids protect against leaks and retain the freshness of your food. Remove the lid, pop them into the microwave and heat up your lunch. Once done, collapse them to free up space in your bag for the journey home.  

Stasher Silicone Reusable Storage Bag Bundle (2-pack) (S$48.18)

Replace disposable parchment paper with these reusable silicone baking mats for a non-stick baking surface. The mats are available in different sizes – two half sheets, one quarter sheet, one square, and one round sheet – and can be used to bake pizzas, pies and cookies. Two of the mats also allow air to pass through for an even bake and crispy exterior. Microwave, oven and dishwasher safe, the 0.7mm-thick mats go from the freezer to the oven and can withstand temperatures of up to 250°C. 

Compostic Home Compostable Resealable Snack Bags (2-pack) (S$30.49)

Beeswax wraps have become a popular sustainable alternative to single-use plastic wraps. These wraps feature cute designs with puns of local Singapore dishes (anyone for ‘1 ton’ mee, or ‘chilly’ crabs?). Biodegradable, washable, reusable and free from chemicals, these are made of natural materials including beeswax, tree resin and plant oils. Use them to cover leftover bowls of food or wrap your sandwiches for a convenient on-the-go breakfast. 

Bodum Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter (1.0L) (S$42.95; usual price: S$65.80)

This bamboo board is a good replacement for plastic chopping boards. It’s also stronger than regular wood and less porous than hardwoods – reducing the risk of collecting bacteria. Measuring 40.6cm x 27.9cm, this chopping board features hidden side handles that make it easy-to-hold and deep grooves to collect juice. It also doubles as a sleek charcuterie board for serving cheese and wine.

YOYI YOYI Reusable Cotton Mesh Grocery Bags (S$25.51)

The bristles of this biodegradable bamboo dish brush are made from the agave plant and can resist high temperatures while retaining its shape. They absorb water more easily to better clean tough dirt and stains, while still being gentle on surfaces. It’s also a useful tool for cleaning stove tops, sinks or the bathroom. Each set features two replacement brush heads. 

From glass food containers to reusable silicone storage bags, these products contribute to a more environmentally conscious and plastic-free lifestyle. With items that meet your everyday needs, cultivating a greener kitchen is quite easily done without compromising on convenience.

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