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New year, healthier you: Amp up your fitness routine from the comfort of home

Have the Yuletide festivities and inevitable New Year’s resolutions gotten you thinking about your fitness — or perhaps, lack thereof? The good news is that your journey to fitspo greatness can start from the comfort of home. You won’t need to worry about membership fees or gym bros hogging the machines. Neither will you have to rush for classes after work. While you can get ripped with calisthenics and bodyweight exercises, some exercise equipment can add variety to your workout and allow you to push your limits.


If you’re ever unsure about how a set of dumbbells can transform your body, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s docudrama Pumping Iron, will set you straight. Different exercises have been designed to target specific muscles. The flexibility of swapping out weights also helps with different goals, like building mass or improving muscle tone.

This Lifepro Adjustable 25-pound Dumbbell Set (S$338.49) features a unique dial system that lets you increase weights in 5-pound (2.25kg) increments from 5 to 25 pounds. Made of steel plates, the pair of dumbbells is durable and sturdy, and the plates lock in place for added safety.


It’s important to protect your knees, feet and back, especially if you’re doing high intensity routines that require kneeling or lying down. Yoga mats can help – look for one that is non-slip for added stability and reduce the risk of injuries. It will even help protect your floor from being scratched.

This stylish Sugarmat Dream Catcher Red Yoga Mat (S$101.00) offers grip and cushioning. Made of natural rubber, the high-density mat cushions against impacts while the anti-slip material offers good grip. Measuring 185cm x 68cm, it offers plenty of space for stretching and is available in 3mm or 5mm thicknesses.


Remember the fun you had skipping rope when you were a child? This fun, full-body workout helps to boost cardiovascular health and strengthens your shoulders and lower body. The Adidas Weighted Skipping Rope (S$48.90) integrates ball bearings in each swivel for ultra-smooth rotations. The moulded plastic handles are tapered for a more comfortable grip. It is available with 2.5mm and 4.5 mm rope thicknesses and removable 100g cylinders to add more intensity to your workout.


These compact wonders transform common exercises them into intense, full-body workouts. If you thought lunges, mountain climbers, bear crawls and planks were difficult, slider discs elevate these exercises to a new level. This compact pair of BOSU Core Sliders (S$18.54; usual price: S$19.93), are made of smooth plastic on one side and soft foam on the other side so you can easily slide across multiple surfaces – carpets, tiles or hardwood floors. Measuring 17.8cm in diameter, they can be used on the hands and feet.


These are indispensable for post-workout recovery, playing a crucial role in reducing muscle soreness and enhancing flexibility. Use foam rollers to target tight muscles and relieve knots for improved circulation. This RumbleRoller Basic Bumpy Foam Roller (S$37.65) has a ridged exterior. Made from a solid ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) foam core, it can support a weight of up to 136kg. Not sure how you can alleviate muscle soreness? Use the downloadable 20-page instruction guide to get you started.

With simple workout equipment widely available and YouTube videos showing you a variety of ways to use your gear, it’s relatively easy to start exercising at home, at an intensity that suits your fitness level. While equipment can certainly add variety and challenge to your fitness routine, it’s also crucial to remember that a nutritious and balanced diet, sufficient rest and hydration also play a large part towards a healthier you. 

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