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Actress Jeanette Aw recently renovated her living room and now has a display wall with her Star Awards trophies

As one of Singapore’s most-loved stars, it’s easy for Jeanette Aw to look back on her illustrious showbiz career.

So easy, the 44-year-old actress need only walk into her living room. 

Just take a look at Jeanette’s latest Instagram post.

Sharing two photos of herself standing in front of an eye-catching display wall filled with her many Star Awards trophies, Jeanette wrote: “Home reno finally coming to an end. One of my fav corner.. A proper beautiful home for these trophies.”

When reached out to Jeanette on Dec 12 to find out more about her wall of glory, she told us that it’s situated in her newly-renovated living room, and that no one has had the opportunity to see it in-person yet. 

True to her low-key nature, Jeanette added: “I’m still in the midst of packing and have not hosted anyone at home. Then again, I’m very private, so I don’t think I would invite that many people to my place.”

She also told us that the trophies (we counted 27) were already on display before the renovation but they were placed much higher up. “It just didn’t feel like a specially designated display shelf,” she said.

“I thought since I’m renovating, I might as well give it a proper ‘home’,” she added.

If anything, the thought of building a display case just goes to show how much these awards mean to Jeanette.

Other than the ones featured in her post, she revealed she has “about 10 more (trophies) on another shelf”.

Those include the two she received at the very start of her showbiz career, when she emerged champion in the 2000 talent search Route to Glamour, three from a regional awards ceremony in Cambodia, and an Outstanding Young Alumni award from her alma mater NUS.

“All these serve as beautiful reminders of the milestones in my life. The awards from Star Awards are all gifts from my fans (and they represent) their unwavering support over the years. It means a lot to me. It definitely warms my heart when I look at them,” said Jeanette.

In recent years, Jeanette has been focusing on her patisserie Once Upon A Time, which is set to open three pop-up shops in Japan next month. 

This story was originally published in 8Days. 

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