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South Korean actress Jeon So-min leaving hit variety show Running Man after 6 years

The hit South Korean variety show Running Man has lost another cast member. On Mon (Oct 23), media outlets reported that actress Jeon So-min will leave the show after six years.

Her final episode will be filmed on Oct 30. Her departure comes two years after actor Lee Kwang-soo left Running Man in 2021.

In a statement to the press, Jeon’s agency King Kong By Starship said: “After a long discussion with the Running Man members, production team and agency, we decided that (Jeon So-min) needs some time to recharge so that she can show a better side of herself in future activities, including acting.”

The production team of Running Man has also issued a statement of support: “After a long discussion, the members and production team decided to respect the opinion of Jeon So-min who expressed her intention to leave.

“Jeon So-min ran with Running Man for about six years with extraordinary affection and responsibility but recently expressed her intention that she needs time to recharge for her acting activities… We want to express our deepest gratitude to Jeon So-min who has brightened the programme as a member of Running Man for a long time. We ask for the warm support and encouragement of Jeon So-min who has made a difficult decision.”

Jeon first joined Running Man in 2017, together with comedian Yang Se-chan. They served as replacements for original member Gary who left the show in 2016. Jeon has received praise for her humour and enthusiasm on the show.

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