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Squid Game: The Challenge trailer shows faithfully recreated games and betrayal among contestants

Netflix has finally released the first full-length trailer of the upcoming reality competition series Squid Game: The Challenge and it appears to be an almost faithful recreation of the hit South Korean drama, complete with intricate games, deceit and a life-changing prize money. Minus the deaths, of course. 

Scheduled to air on Netflix on Nov 22, Squid Game: The Challenge follows 456 contestants as they compete in a series of games to win US$4.56 million (S$6.22 million).

Unlike the original show, the contestants here won’t be killed if they fail their challenge. In a snippet of the iconic Red Light, Green Light game, black ink gets released under the contestants’ shirts should they get caught moving.

One aspect of the original Squid Game that appears to be retained, however, is betrayal among contestants. In a scene from the trailer, contestants are asked to pick two players to eliminate. Another contestant is heard saying: “I’m gonna be your best friend but I will absolutely double-cross you.”

Filmed in the UK, Squid Game: The Challenge will comprise 10 episodes with contestants getting eliminated in every game. Earlier this year, Netflix denied allegations that the games on Squid Game: The Challenge were dangerous, saying: “While it was very cold on set – and participants were prepared for that – any claims of serious injury are untrue.”

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