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30 Christmas gifts for S$10 to S$25 at unexpected stores from Daiso to Don Don Donki

It’s that time of the year when the walkway linking Wisma Atria to Takashimaya becomes clogged with shoppers with their lists of names. But what if the perfect gift for your Secret Santee (or anyone, really) was closer than you think?

We know how it sounds, buying a Christmas gift in – gasp – Popular Bookstore. But if you’re on a modest budget, you’d be surprised by what it can get you if you know where to look.

From retailers in the heartlands to our favourite Japanese departmental stores, here are 30 Christmas gifts we uncovered in their unsuspecting aisles.


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1. Coffee mill

This nifty gadget is a game-changer for coworkers who are constantly brewing a hot drink only to have it go cold. This USB cup warmer will keep their morning cup of joe toasty, aromatic and flavourful, so they can power through emails without reheating their drink in the microwave.

Price: S$9.50

From: Daiso

3. USB fan with ice pack pocket 

We all know someone who’s constantly working on the move, and while we can’t improve their work-life balance, we can help improve their terrible posture with this collapsible laptop stand – a practical gift that says “I’ve got your back”.

Price: S$9.50

From: Daiso

FROM S$10 TO S$20

5. Water-resistant speaker

Shopping for a beauty junkie? Give them a spa-like experience in their own bathroom with this battery-operated blackhead remover vacuum – an upgrade from the traditional nose strips, featuring three levels of suction power and three types of suction heads.

Price: S$11.90

From: Miniso

8. Thermos soup container

Skip the gamble of reed diffusers and essential oils – this aroma diffuser is the safest bet when you’re uncertain about one’s scent preferences. This minimalist piece will seamlessly blend into anyone’s home, just in time to welcome guests over the festive season.

Price: S$13.90

From: Japan Home (Compass One)

11. Cooling cushion

That budget Barbie whose special talent is cutting their own hair will appreciate these contraptions, which claim to be easier to use than scissors and promise “natural-looking” bangs and waves. (Remember to indemnify yourself from negative results.)

Price S$14.90-17.90

From: Don Don Donki

13. Engraved pen

It’s a big word, but it simply means this bath mat is crafted from stone. Not just any stone, but diatomite, which has millions of micropores that facilitate rapid water evaporation. The result? A highly absorbent, easily washable, and naturally deodorising bath mat that dries faster than its fabric counterparts, elevating the bathroom aesthetic and experience.

Price: S$15.90

From: Don Don Donki

16. Wireless mouse

If you’ve ever spent good money on a hideous brolly, no thanks to our unpredictable climate of late, you’d appreciate this compact alternative. And considering that lightweight umbrellas can cost up to S$100 in department stores, you’d be getting maximum bang for your buck.

Price: S$16.90

From: Don Don Donki (Suntec City)

18. Coffee pot dripper set

Designed for use over a gas stove, this hot sandwich maker will turn ordinary breakfasts into an indulgent cafe-worthy experience, complete with toasties, paninis and hot pockets. Because, let’s face it, melted cheese makes everything better.

Price: $17.06

From: Daiso

20. Wireless charger

A humidifier may as well be a gag gift in our climate, but it can work wonders for those who struggle with morning sinus issues after sleeping in the AC. Plus, if your Secret Santee has a winter vacation planned, this travel-sized version will be a lifesaver in dry climates.

Price: S$17.06

From: Daiso

22. Self-watering planter

Know someone who can’t keep a plant alive? Give their morale a boost with a self-watering planter that relies on ceramic animals with absorbent “tongues” or “tails”. And for those value utility over aesthetics, the mint or basil Egglings (S$9.70) will add zest to their cocktails.

Price: S$18.40

From: Hands

23. eWriter

For the Secret Santee who has been chugging one too many Nutri-Grade C drinks, your gift could be their last-ditch attempt to fulfil their New Year’s resolution to eat (and drink) clean. Every health enthusiast needs a blender, so why not give them a compact and portable one?

Price: S$19.90

From: Japan Home (Chinatown Point)

25. Earbuds

This handy device will help drivers who can’t resist snacking behind the wheel keep those pesky crumbs and, worse, roaches at bay. Plus, it’ll double as a keyboard cleaner and reach those nooks and crannies your robot vacuum at home just can’t reach.

Price: S$19.90

From: Japan Home

FROM S$20 TO S$25

27. Steam toast maker

Your Secret Santee deserves a more flattering angle when video conferencing on their phone, particularly when their webcam delivers the video quality of a potato or when their phone’s 5G outperforms their home Wi-Fi. With this, they’ll never have to precariously prop their phone against the screen again.

Price: S$21.80

From: Popular Bookstore (NEX)

29. Waffle maker

Forget the popiah and taco parties – a bingsu party will be one for the books. For the mixologists among us, this will unlock intermediate cocktails from piña coladas to margaritas. Now, that’s a Christmas gift that might just earn you the title of Secret Santa of the year.

Price: S$24.90

From: Hands (Orchard Central)

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