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Why I believe in Taylor Swift and the joy of watching her Eras Tour movie

For a brief hallucinogenic moment while watching Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour last Sunday (Oct 22), I considered the possibility that, were we able to harvest the collective goodwill apparent in the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, we might actually be able to enact some sort of lasting global peace. The positivity radiating from the stadium – the fem-ergy (for it was mostly women) – was so electric, I became completely overwhelmed.

Is this what apostles feel when they experience conversion, I wondered, as I heavy-sobbed while watching Swift emerge onstage via billowing lavender-coloured clouds? Is this pure ecstasy, I mused, while cry-laughing through her first Era (Fearless, one of the 10 albums she cycles through throughout the evening), in which Swift performed her tweenage country breakouts wearing a gold-fringed minidress?

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