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Sneak peek at Trifecta, the first snow, surf and skate attraction in Singapore and Asia

SINGAPORE: It’s cool – but not freezing – inside the snow arena at Trifecta, Singapore’s new sports and lifestyle facility in Somerset. 

There’s no snow, but skiers and snowboarders will be able to ride on simulators and dry slopes come Oct 28, when Trifecta officially opens.

The attraction also boasts Asia’s largest standing wave pool and the world’s first hybrid skate bowl, which is designed for both skateboarding and surfskating.

Pros will be able to go as fast as 35kmh on the ski carpet – which works like a treadmill – on rented equipment or their personal snowboards or skis. For beginners, the carpet’s speed will be set at around 10kmh. 

The simulator, which is controlled by two staff members, can also be adjusted to create a downhill slope of up to 22 degrees and tilt five degrees to the left and right.

The snow arena also includes two dry slopes for practising tricks.

One slope is for jibbing – where skiers and snowboarders jump, slide or ride on rails or benches – and the other is a ramp that propels the rider up into the air to perform jumps and flips before landing on an airbag at the base.

Ms Lee said having such a facility in Somerset is a “dream come true” for her,  as Singapore-based surfers typically have to go overseas to catch waves.


The skate bowl may look intimidating to non-skaters, but it has been designed to be suitable for varying skill levels, Trifecta said.

Skate bowls typically have a circular metal pipe around the edges which is called coping. That means skateboarders have to “drop in” when entering the bowl, which is a more intentional and abrupt motion.

Trifecta said its skate bowl is meant to complement the Somerset Skate Park next door. Open sessions at the skate bowl are free.


Being able to snowboard, surf and skateboard in one day is known as a trifecta, said co-founder Daphne Goh, explaining the inspiration behind the facility’s name.

But for those who don’t do any of these sports, Trifecta can be an “action-entertainment” space, she said. Colourful steps that double up as seats have been positioned throughout the attraction to encourage spectators, and the snow arena has large windows.

“We’ve kept it intentionally open and inviting because, for the sports that we have here such as snowboarding, skiing or surfing, there’s a barrier to entry,” she said. Many people don’t try these sports because this “barrier to entry” is high.

“We wanted Trifecta to embody that openness,” said Ms Goh, noting that spectators can enter the attraction for free, while fees apply for those who want to try the simulators. 

Visitors can also drop by for food and drinks at Butter, a cafe opened in collaboration with Two Men Bagel House. Butter will serve bagels, pancakes, grain bowls and more.

For the first four weekends, film screenings, a community art market and a music festival will also be held.

“I’m excited to see how people will receive the space … (especially) people who are not your typical skateboarders, surfers or snowboarders,” said Ms Goh.

Trifecta will operate from 7am to midnight daily. Classes cost between S$40 (US$29) and S$120.

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