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HometravelFancy staying in a bus? The Bus Collective at Changi Village offers...

Fancy staying in a bus? The Bus Collective at Changi Village offers 20 suites made from repurposed buses

Gone are the days when “sleeping in the bus” meant leaning your head against a grimy window and subjecting your body to a blend of jolts and drops.

The Bus Collective is a new resort in the heart of Changi Village and, as its name suggests, comprises buses that have been repurposed into luxury suites. Bookings for stays from Dec 1 are now open. 

Despite the eco-consciousness being at the forefront of this resort, luxury and design have not been sacrificed.

There are 20 guest suites at The Bus Collective – each putting the term “glow-up” to shame with their blend of aesthetically pleasing features including marble tops and rain showers.

Those who are intrigued by the novelty of sleeping inside a former mode of transportation will be glad to know that the rooms still retain a few trappings of an actual bus. Besides the obvious wheels and panels, there’s also a bus driver’s seat in the room which you can sit on – something you definitely can’t do on your daily commute.

This collaboration between WTS Travel and its partners is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia.

WTS Travel managing director, Micker Sia said: “By introducing The Bus Collective, we are redefining luxury hospitality, and pioneering an eco-conscious approach to tourism in Singapore… Through innovative thinking and resourceful execution, we are breathing new life into retired buses, transforming them into an unparalleled experience for our guests.”


At this upcoming resort at Changi Village, you can spend the night in upcycled public buses
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